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Remedy Intelligent Staffing FranchiseRemedy Intelligent Staffing is an exciting, fast-growing company. Founded with a single office in 1965, Remedy grew first in California and Arizona with company-owned offices. Remedy launched its franchise program in 1988 and now has nearly 300 offices nationwide. Now they are one of the top 10 staffing firms in the United States with combined annual sales in excess of $1 billion.  Remedy leads the staffing industry with cutting-edge technology and provides businesses with 5 employees to 5000 employees with innovative ways to earn a better return on their human resources investment. Remedy is well known throughout the industry for its use of technology to drive sales and profits. If this sounds interesting come to our franchise webinar on  Wednesday August 24 at 3 pm EDTRegister here: and include our email [email protected] in the referring broker block.  Read more

5 Traits of Good Franchisees

5 Traits of Good Franchiseesby Anne Barr

You may be wondering…would I make a good franchisee? Well, here are some traits that good franchisees posess:

1. Positive Attitude – When starting a franchise, as with starting any business, you must have a positive attitude. You will no doubt be faced with many challenges along the way and you must believe that you will be successful and that your business will thrive.

2. Willing to Follow the System – As a franchisee you must be willing to follow a system. Franchises are successful for a reason – they have a proven system and franchisees follow it. That doesn’t mean that you have to be a drone, you still need that independent spirit, but you need to understand that the system is successful and you should follow it.

3. Coachability – Ever heard the phrase “be in business for yourself but not by yourself”? This is exactly what a franchise system provides. You have your own business but there are people willing to help you. You have to know that you can ask the franchisor or other successful franchisees for help and learn from their mistakes and successes.

4. Willing to do Whatever it Takes – Starting a franchise is a lot of work. You must be willing to devote the time and energy to do what it takes to get your business off the ground

5. Good Leadership Skills – Depending on the franchise you purchase, you may have a team of employees. You must posess good leadership skills to hire, train, and manage a good staff. Your business success will depend on them!

Now you may be thinking that you need experience in the specific area of the franchise you wish to purchase. For most franchise opportunities, this is not the case! Franchisors are generally looking for people with good life skills and posess the traits above. If you happen to have experience in the particular industry then great, but if not, that is what the Franchisor is there for. They will give you the training you need to be successful in your new venture!

Anne Barr has over 32 years experience in sales and marketing, six years as a franchisee.

Do Good Things Really Come to Those Who Wait?

Buying a Franchise & Managing the Fear!

Most people get really nervous and stressed when faced with a big decision.  And there probably aren’t many decisions that are bigger than buying a Franchise or a business.  The good news is that you’re on a journey to possibly make your dreams of business ownership a reality.  But why is this process so stressful?  Probably because there’s a big chunk of money involved.  The bad news is that this is probably where the FEAR sets in.  Even if you have the money. Read more

What Kind of Earnings With a Franchise?

Money, Money, Money!When researching a Franchise or any business for that matter, isn’t the first question that’s at the forefront of your brain, “How much money can I make?’ It’s incredibly important.  You need to know what kind of revenues to expect to determine if this Franchise is a reasonable venture for you.  If you were looking to start a business from scratch, it would definitely be hard to figure this out.  You can’t call up competing businesses and ask for financial information.  You would be lucky not to get hung up on.

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Wholesome Tummies Franchise

Whole Tummies Logo



There are 60 Million kids in school right now who need lunch every day. That’s a lot of mouths to feed! With current predictions that 50% of Americans will be obese by the year 2030 and half of a child’s daily calories coming from school, Wholesome Tummies® is aggressively going after the $42 Billion national school lunch market.

Wholesome Tummies is currently serving over 100 schools with their goal to partner with 2,000 schools over the next 5 years across the country and seek passionate local entrepreneurs to Join the Movement and grow the Wholesome Tummies® brand by making an impact in your local community.   Read more

7 Signs You’re Ready to Be Your Own Boss

Open for Businessby Steve Toback

It seems that everyone wants to be an entrepreneur these days. Everyone wants  to be the boss and run their own show. I can certainly understand the  motivation. The idea of doing your own thing, of ruling your own destiny, is  certainly an attractive one. Besides, the job market sucks.

That’s why there’s a nearly insatiable demand for start-up and leadership  advice.

But here’s the thing. The vast majority of you are putting the cart before  the horse. The characteristics that will distinguish you and your career are  developed, not when you’re the boss, but when you’re an employee. Read more

Buy a Franchise & Minimize Risk


What's Fear Got To Do With It?
What’s Fear Got to Do With It?

You have been looking for a franchise for some time now but haven’t been able to make a decision. You have seen some you liked but there always seems to be something wrong.  If you have been expecting and wanting the “perfect” franchise, please recognize that there probably isn’t such a thing just as there isn’t really anything that’s “perfect” in the entire world.  But maybe that’s just an excuse.  Maybe you’re just scared and maybe it’s FEAR that’s holding you back.  It’s totally normal to be somewhat nervous and even fearful when contemplating a major investment.

Let’s address the issues of what you may be afraid of:

  • Fear of Failure –  What if I’m not successful?
  • Fear of Losing Your Money – What if I lose all my money?
  • Fear of Working On Your Own – What if I can’t do it by myself?
  • Fear of Making the Wrong Choice –  There are a lot of franchises out there, what if I end up with the wrong one

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A Different Kind of Franchise

Bio One FranchiseWouldn’t you like to be in a business that is home based with very little competition and can be quite lucrative?

Perhaps you are one of those people that the crime scene dramas on TV like CSI or NCIS fascinate you.  If so, this Franchise may be for you.  Bio-One Inc. is the first and only crime and trauma scene clean-up franchise. This franchise touches on the cleaning and restoration industries but is really a niche all its own.  These are a few scenes that require bio-recovery and remediation services, in which Bio-One Inc. is the leader:

  • Suicide/Homicide
  • Decomposition/Unattended Death
  • Blood Spill and Bio-contamination
  • Hoarding

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Why Franchisees are Happy to Pay the Franchise Fee!

Make Money With a FranchiseHave you thought about purchasing a franchise but have been immediately put off by the upfront cost of a franchise fee?  In many cases it may seem exorbitant to you but have you ever really thought about what you’re getting for that franchise fee?

Why Franchisees Are Happy to Pay the Franchise Fee

Franchising is the smartest way to start a business. But some people get scared off by the franchise fee. People don’t realize that in most cases a franchise is actually less expensive to get up and running than starting a business from scratch.  Keep in mind that the only difference in start-up costs is the franchise fee.  But for that franchise fee, the benefits you will receive are immeasurable!  Read more

Top 6 Reasons to Use a Franchise Consultant!

Top 6 Reasons to Use a Franchise Consultant!

So you have been thinking of buying a franchise and you have started an online search?  There appears to be a great deal of information online about franchising and you now feel confident
that you can find a franchise on your own.  Is there really any need to have a Franchise Consultant?

Of course you can find a franchise on your own but most people find the process overwhelming, time consuming, not to mention confusing.  Using a Franchise Consultant who knows the ins and outs of franchising may be the way to go.  Here are just some of the key advantages of using a Franchise Consultant:  Read more

Insider’s Guide to Franchise Ownership

You have often thought of owning your own business but for one reason or another you never pursued it.  You understand that buying a business can be risky but that purchasing a Franchise can be much less risky but beyond that, you don’t really know that much about Franchising.  Where can you go to get that information?  Well now we have all you need to know about Franchising in one complete package.

Purchasing a Franchise, to some, can be one of the largest investments of one’s lifetime.  You’re expected to have questions, uncertainties and reservations as you work your way through the due diligence process. Often times, when researching Franchises you’ll come to realize how much you don’t know about Franchising; the terminology, the different types of business models, the types of licenses that are available, etc.  Read more